10 Holmead Road, Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane, Austraila

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Brisbane Holiday Village

Holiday, Short Term and Long Term Accommodation

The Environment

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Choosing to stay at Brisbane Holiday Village means that you will be staying at an Eco-friendly resort that really cares about the environment. 

We are a recognised eco-friendly Village and committed to ensuring that our business activities are effectively managed to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment without affecting the quality of the services provided to our guests. 
As part of this commitment, we will:
  • Implement sound environmental practices in the design, development and operation of our Village
  • Encourage the development and integration of sustainable technologies
  • Endeavour to reduce our use of energy and water, and re-use and recycle the resources consumed by our business wherever practical
  • Engage our customers, suppliers, staff and contractors in our efforts to protect the environment
  • Provide training and resources as required to meet our objectives
  • Monitor, record and benchmark our environmental performance on a regular basis
  • Communicate our polices, practices and programmes to the local community
Brisbane Holiday Village has a Green Star Rating of 4.5 Stars and has also achieved a Gold Gumnut Award (the highest rating under this nationally recognised program) as well as Industry Accreditation from the CRVA (Caravan, RV and Accommodation Industry of Australia).

Our Initiatives

According to government statistics, water heating is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions from the average Australian home, with electric storage hot water systems accounting for around 23 per cent of household emissions (excluding the family car).

At Brisbane Holiday Village, all of our electrical appliances are energy rated and we have installed Solar Hot Water Systems into about 85% of our cabins as well as in our Housekeeping and Reception area which conserves precious energy resources. 

We have insulation in most of our cabins which makes the winters a bit warmer and the summers cooler. This in turn lowers energy consumption.

We have installed water saving devices throughout our park and most of our plants are drought resistant so they require little water which helps to reduce our water consumption. We also have a bore and various water tanks around the Village utilised to irrigate all the gardens.